American Beauties by Harrison Fisher

This is something very different from our usual offerings, but it caught my eye at a rare book store and I just couldn’t resist it. American Beauties was published in 1909 and takes its theme from the popular show rose of the same name. It’s an example of a particular kind of illustrated book which was popular in the late Victorian and Edwardian period, a portrait showcase of beautiful women presented in fanciful clothing in a style which is soft, reverent and very much idealized. There’s something subtly erotic about the portraits, hinting at the pinup art which this genre would eventually evolve into after the First world War.

American Beauties combines really bad poetry by Harrison Fisher (which we have not included in the collection) with his outstanding portraits in subtle pastels and appealing frames and decorations by E. Stetson Crawford. Fisher is most known for his fashion illustrations for major magazines like and the examples of period women’s fashions and hairstyles add another interesting aspect to the illustrations.

We’ve gathered the illustrations and decorations from American Beauties into a complete package with the decorations and frames prepared for use in your own designs and the portraits cleaned up and digitally color adjusted. There are a total of 20 portraits and a dozen frames and decorations in the package. You can see the images sampled in the slideshow accompanying this article.

The package can be ordered online and downloaded immediately for just $39. Just go directly to our ONLINE STORE.

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