Alphons Mucha Fonts and Art

Alphonse Mucha was born in what is now the Czech Republic in 1860 and moved to Paris in 1890 where he became the star of the poster-art movement under the patronage of the Sarah Bernhardt, socializing with the greatest of the impressionists and moving in the highest circles of the salons of the intellectual elite of Paris. After World War I he returned to Czechoslovakia and became the father of a slavic arts and crafts movement which combined elements of art nouveau with classic national themes.

In addition to commercial art, jewelry design, interior decoration, sculpture and stage design, Mucha experimented with lettering and calligraphy to produce excellent source material for unique typefaces. Mucha’s style is virtually synonymous with French Art Nouveau and he is one of the most imitated artists and designers of all time.

The Scriptorium’s Mucha collection features a selection of rare images taken from 19th century sources, focusing on seasonal postcard art and theatrical posters, plus a disk of fonts based on Mucha’s poster lettering, including seven original typefaces in both TrueType and Postscript Format. Samples of both the art and the typefaces are provided here.

We have recently expanded our Mucha collection with new art and several additional fonts. The Mucha Collection is only $59 including shipping. It is also available in a retail package ideal for sale in museums and bookstores. Send email for information on wholesale terms and availability. To order your own Mucha collection just visit our online ordering page — ORDER YOUR MUCHA!

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