Albemarle Web Optimized

albemarlewebmfAlbemarle has been one of our most popular fonts. It’s attractive and highly adaptable and works well in many sized from text to titles. It’s particularly popular for the alternate character sets with swashes and decorations.

The quirky character of the font is one of its assets, but a lot of people want to use it for text applications which require more precision and a little less quirk. We even wanted to use it ourselves, so we worked up a customized version which still looks great, but also works well for text and for the web.

Albemarle Web Optimized (not a very sexy name) preserves the look and character of the font, but with some key improvements. It still looks very calligraphic, but the descenders on characters like “y” and “g” have been extended so they are easier for readers to make out. It also has a slightly heavier weight and very exacting spacing and kerning which took a great deal of custom labor.

You can see Albemarle Web Optimized doing its job right on this page. Using the Use Any Font plugin we’ve made it the title font for this page and you can see it in use everywhere from the menu to article titles to in-text links.

For the standard versions of our Albemarle fonts, just CLICK HERE.

Or to get Albemarle Screen Optimized and download it immediately just ORDER the full version for only $24. If you already have Albemarle look for a special offer in email for this version.


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