Scriptorium Fonts is an Austin, Texas based type foundry founded in 1992 by game designer, editor and historian Dave Nalle. It specializes in adaptations of antique fonts and fonts based on artistic hand lettering drawn from the work of famous artists and calligraphers like Alphons Mucha, William Morris, Willy Pogany, Arthur Rackham and Howard Pyle. Their catalog currently includes over 600 fonts and they have four type designers on staff: Dave Nalle, Michael Scarpitti, Peter Nevins and Kevin Andrew Murphy. Fonts include Abaddon, Hesperides, Buccaneer, Folkard, True Golden, Kelmscott, Ardenwood and Hendrix. They specialize in thematic packages of historic fonts based on specific artistic periods or design movements packaged together with licensed borders and art in the same style.

In 2003 their fonts and clip art were used as part of a radical redesign of Whole Earth magazine under the guest editorship of Viridian guru Bruce Sterling. In 2005 they raised money for disaster relief after hurricane Katrina by donating the proceeds of the sales of three New Orleans themed fonts (Guede, Ironworks and Veve) to three different Louisiana charities. Recently their fonts have been prominently featured in the Spiderwick books and film.

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