Abaddon in War of the Fallen

IMG_4653I run into our fonts in the strangest places, but it was an unexpected surprise the other day when I was playing SongPop on my iPhone with my daughters and I got a pop-up ad for a iPhone game called War of the Fallen with the title done in our Abaddon font.  Abaddon is hideously overexposed, but nonetheless it’s nice to see it in a new medium.

War of the Fallen is basically be a fantasy card game with collectible elements for the iPhone – obviously influenced by games like Magic the Gathering, but with some concessions to the format. It’s an interesting idea and the art is very impressive, but the game seems static and the format is restrictive. It looks very good, but I wasn’t really drawn in and compelled to play.

However, if you like the Abaddon font, you can add it to your collection just VISIT OUR STORE.

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