Abaddon in Maleficent

maleficentAt the very beginning of the summer Disney released Maleficent the first in a series of films retelling the Disney versions of classic fairytales from the point of view of the villain.

Maleficent is a visually stunning film combining high end CGI animation with live actors and Angelina Jolie with unbelievably accentuated cheekbones as the title character. It is somewhat limited by having to work within the constraints of the original film but within that context it does a believable job of making Maleficent into a sympathetic character.


One intriguing aspect of the film is their choice of a title font. They apparently started with out Abaddon font and then modified some of the original characters and some of the alternative characters and managed to come up with a fairly appealing variation. It doesn’t look a lot like the original overall, but to the trained eye you can see the elements of the original source font peeking through.

We were working on revisions to Abaddon anyway, so we decided to incorporate some more alternative characters, including those from the title of the movie.

The new version of Abaddon with all the alternate characters can be purchased in our ONLINE STORE.

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