Abaddon – Bullet for My Valentine Logo Font

This may take on something of the character of a true confession when I have to start by admitting that I spent way too much time this afternoon at the local mall with my 10-year-old daughter shopping for trendy merchandise at Hot Topic. While she looked at Adventure Time and Dr. Who items, my eye was caught by our Abaddon font appearing on the cover of the new CD Temper, Temper by the band Bullet for My Valentine, which has apparently been using it as their logo font for several years. They’ve had someone design a variation on the “V”, but otherwise it’s Abaddon straight out of the box.

Since it became popular as Godsmack’s logo font, Abaddon has been enormously popular with bands who tend towards a metal or gothy sound. In fact, Abaddon has been so popular for band logos that we get queries about it from new bands all the time and I find myself regrettably discouraging them from using it because it’s so overexposed. Nonetheless, it’s still cool to see it on a product shelved at America’s favorite teen subculture merchandising outlet.

I listened to a few tracks from the album online and it was surprisingly not awful. Certainly no worse than a lot of what I find on the radio.  That said, I’m not a fan of the album cover.  Abaddon is certainly the most appealing part of the design.

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