A New Sideline: Fashion Pins

With all the fonts and art we have collected, there are all sorts of opportunities to branch out and use our resources in different formats. Our latest experiment with new formats is a foray in to the world of fashion pins, with a set of pins based on some of our most interesting art.

These pins are extremely high quality, made of brass and enamel, with safety-pin style backs. They are between an inch-and-a-half and two inches in size and have lots of detail. The designs include two Calavera images based on the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada, a Devil head from traditional Mexican Lotteria cards, an art nouveau style image of Fairy Queen Mab, a cool retro rocketship and a robot pin based on constructivist art. They look great on a hat or a tie or a lapel or used as a brooch.

All of the pins are available to order in our ONLINE STORE. All prices include standard shipping.

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