2010: A Year in Fonts

In 2010 we released 18 new fonts, a tad short of our ideal goal of 24, but a pretty respectable output considering the work involved. 7 were new and original designs. 6 were adaptations of vintage hand lettering. 5 were based on antique type. So far the best seller of the lot has been Ormandine, followed closely by Big Blok and Borealis. I’m personally disappointed that my favorites like Antrobus and Montgisard have not sold better, but their day will come. For more details click on any of the font images below (in order of release).

As a special bonus we’ve also made a collection of all 18 of the fonts released in 2010 available as a special purchase at only $79 for the full set – less than $5 per font. You can order it from our Online Store.

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