2009 Font and Art Sampler

About once a year we release a special sampler package with a collection of selected fonts and art from our most recent and forthcoming packages, including some unique items not available anywhere else, all brought together as an overview of what we’ve been up to at the Scriptorium during the past year. You can get all of this at a special price of only $9.95. The package also includes the latest updated version of our extensive PDF catalog for convenient reference. It’s a great way to promote our products and an excellent way for you to try them out at an unbeatable price.

The sampler includes four complete new font releases: Goldwork, Sylphide, Inksaver and Tangle. Goldwork is a dramatic gothic font. Sylphide is a stylish art nouveau font with its own set of unique initials. Inksaver is a special text font designed to reduce ink use in inkjet printers. Tangle is a very cool original design which looks like the letters are made from tangled vines.All of the fonts are in TrueType and PostScript format for MacOS and Windows computers.

Also included in the collection are the working demo versions of most of our other font releases from the last year, including some of our most popular new fonts like Malvern, Gwionbach, Boomtown and Crane Gothic.

The package also features a special selection of beautiful art and useful graphics. It includes a special set of illustrations of Celtic mythology by Katherine Cameron, like the illustration of Grania at the top left of this article. These unusual illustrations are not available in any other package. It also includes a great set of decorative frames and borders taken from designs by Walter Crane with animal and nature themes.

To get the whole package for only $9.95 either on CD or as an immediate download, just visit our online store.

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7 comments on “2009 Font and Art Sampler

  1. Donald Schmidt

    these fonts are very nice but what ones do you suggest. for silent movies or for someone recreating a old time poster ?

  2. Dave Nalle

    That’s an excellent question, possibly one we ought ot do a little article on.

    My top recommendations for silent film fonts and for posters are Plakat, Odeon, Hamilton and Gaheris. The first two are excellent for posters or titles, Hamilton was designed specifically to do the credit lettering on movie posters and Gaheris is in a style frequently used in the title cards for dialog in silent movies.

    You can access samples of any of these fonts by searching by name in the search tool in the upper left of this page.


  3. About broken fonts (German Fraktura):

    In almost every of the broken fonts I miss the „long” (German) „s”. If there are newly created broken fonts please include the „long s”. One cannot write correct German texts in broken fonts without. Please think it over – it would be worth creating REALLY complete fonts.


  4. Howard Myers

    I am having a problem downloading the Gastonbury sample. The 4 files come and apparently get successfully unzipped by Win Vista Home Premium Explorer but I have little success getting it into my Windows\Fonts folder. Any ideas would be appreciated.



  5. Dave

    Howard. Just open up your Fonts Control Panel in Settings and drop the TTF files in there and you should be ready to go.


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