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Have You Seen the Font Gallery?

screenWe have an awful lot of fonts. Well over 500 of them and more all the time.  Plus we’re starting a great new discount when you order multiple fonts at the same time…fonts as much at 50% off.

We’ve just updated one of our most useful reference tool, a graphic preview gallery of all hundreds of our new and featured fonts, on one page, with links to larger previews and to purchase every font on the list.

You can see these previews on a dedicated page at FONT GALLERY.

Not only that, but we also have hundreds of our fonts available to preview with our TYPESHOW tool which lets you type in your text and preview it on the screen in any font.

If you’re interested in expanding your font selection these are two great resources you should get familiar with.

Plus, for a limited time we’re running a sale on single fonts.  If you buy 3 or more fonts you can get 20% off with the coupon TROIS.  It you get 6 or more fonts you get 30% off with the coupon SIX.  For 9 or more fonts it’s 40% off with the coupon NEUF.  12 of more and DOUZE will get you 50% off.

You can shop for fonts in our ONLINE STORE.

Classic Font: Wolfram

Wolfram is a great example of early 20th century type design.  It is bold and intended for use in posters and signage, but it has rough outlines for a mock antique look.  It also has an unusually wide footprint for a very striking look.We originally produced Wolfram in the mid-90s, and it has been somewhat revised and expanded since them.  This new release has some significant improvements to the outlines and additional characters added to the basic set.

You can find order Wolfram individually as a single font or find it in our Letterpress Font Collection.

You can try the DEMO version of Wolfram for free. The demo has a limited character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24.



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We’re constantly putting new articles, new fonts, new reviews and new links to great antique art and design resources on our site. Every week we send out a short email newsletter called the Scriptorium Update to let people know what’s new on the site and with information on special promotions and great discount offers including exclusive just for newsletter subscribers.

We’re going to be giving a free font to our newsletter subscribers in the next week. The new font is still a mystery, but it will definitely be something cool.

The newsletter is brief and to the point with links to relevant parts of the website. We’ll never give anyone else your email address and it’s easy to unsubscribe if you get tired of it.

All you have to do to subscribe is fill out a quick newsletter signup form.


Eastlake Design Sampler

doorknob When we were renovating our house I discovered ornamental brass fixtures for the doors designed by Charles Eastlake.  So I went shopping and found antique Eastlake hinges and knobs for all the doors.

bookcaseCharles Locke Eastlake (1836–1906) was the greatest British Arts and Crafts designer in the period after William Morris.  Like Morris he combined principles of art and decoration with architecture to produce furniture which was both ornamental and practical and designed for hand made production for a reasonable price. In fact, Eastlake furniture became so popular and so widely imitated that his concept of Gothic Revival was subsumed into a intercontinental design movement which just came to be known as Eastlake.

In 1868 Eastlake described his design ethos in a manual of interior decoration, Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and Other Details, which included illustrations of his furniture designs and samples of tile, carved ornament, marquetry and fabric designs. The Eastlake style caught on in America and manufacturers began turning out imitation Eastlake furniture using his book as a point of reference.

To give you a taste of Eastlake design, we’ve taken some samples from Eastlake’s book and gathered them together into a mini-package of design resources. The set includes samples of marquetry, tile design and wallpaper. They could be very useful in your to incorporate in your original designs.

You can purchase the complete mini-package for just $8 in our ONLINE STORE.

New Fonts of 2014

Every year we release a number of new fonts, and at the end of the year we collect them all together and release them as a collection at a great discount price.

Through some oversight at the end of 2013 we failed to release our annual collection of new fonts. That means we have a chance to make up for it this year with a special release of a collection covering two years of new font releases.

In 2013 and 2014 we released 17 new fonts as featured new fonts and also released them to our Font Club.

These fonts represent a wide variety of styles derived from all sorts of different inspirations. There are fonts based of classic calligraphy like Doge and Sternhagen, revivals of antique type like Carillon and Mannering, fonts based on samples of modern lettering like Shayne and Startling Stories, and  completely original designs like Ripley and Dahlgren. There’s something for everyone, from the medieval to the futuristic.

The collection also includes three special font releases which were not part of the Font Club, Demosthenes, Crane Initials and Crane Ornaments, for a total of 20 new fonts.

If you missed any of these fonts you can see them sampled here with links to buy them, or you can take advantage of a special offer to buy all of these fonts in a single package at a substantial discount. You can get all 20 fonts for just $79, or you can get them in combination with a one-year FontClub subscription starting in 2015 for just $129.

New Font: Dahlgren

Dahlgren is a heavyweight, square shaped font which works well for titles and display uses.  Its an original design, with a standard character set and a set of outline characters.  It takes its name from the Civil War era engineer who designed the Dahlgren Gun.

You can try the DEMO version of Dahlgren for free. The demo version has a limited version of the outline character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24.




Walter Crane Collections Guide





gp3smWalter Crane was the outstanding artist and designer of the Arts and Crafts movement in England. We are doing our best to acquire his complete library of works and make it available digitally.

We’ve been working for a while on producing a wide variety of resources based on designs by legendary Arts and Crafts period designer and artist Walter Crane, including fonts, frames, emblems, art, ebooks and other graphic arts resources. The process is ongoing, but we’ve already produced a substantial volume of material in several collections.

scspreadProvided to the right is a short table of contents with links to most of our Crane related articles and packages, ebooks, some special fonts based on Crane’s designs and free packages of screen savers and wallpapers. Most of the major packages contain ebook versions of the complete book as well as high resolution images for you to use.

More packages are forthcoming and will be made available through this page. All items are licensed for you to use in your own designs within some reasonable limitations.


Classic Font: Hendrix Psychedelic Font

Hendrix is one of our most classic and most quintessential psychedelic poster fonts. It is based on hand lettering from a number of posters and album covers produced in the 1960s and the early 1970s. It is a very striking font, quite recognizable and identified with the period. This new release has some significant improvements to the outlines and additional characters added to the basic set. You can find Hendrix in our Psychelic Fonts Collection or order it individually as a single font.

You can try the DEMO version of Hendrix for free. The demo has a limited character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24.



Captain Kidd Font in Princess Bride Memoir

I spotted a very appropriate use of our Captain Kidd font while browsing books at Barnes and Noble. It graces the cover of Cary Elwes new memoir in vignettes of his time working in The Princess Bride, which also features a picture of Elwes in his Dread Pirate Roberts costume – hence the connection to the Captain Kidd font.

The Princess Bride is a fantastic movie, and if you haven’t seen it you should rent it immediately. The title of the book is As You Wish which is a reference to the phrase used repeatedly by Elwes’ character in response to Princess Buttercup’s unreasonable requests. It’s a key element of the love story plot which runs through the entire movie.

The appearance of one of our fonts on the cover is pretty exciting, because As You Wish is at #9 on the New York Times Bestseller List and climbing.

You can find out more about the Captain Kidd font at CAPTAIN KIDD.

Holiday Feature: Walter Tittle’s Colonial Holidays

tittle0As a special bonus, this Christmas we’re making available an unusual collection of Christmas images by outstanding American book illustrator and decorator Walter Tittle, an artist most known for his seasonal works.

tittle11These illustrations are taken from his book Colonial Holdays which is a collection of accounts from primary sources of holiday observances in the American colonies before and after the Revolutionary War. Other holidays a touched on, but the material is predominantly Christmas themed.

The collection includes illustrations of colonial holiday scenes – mostly from the Christmas season – plus beautifully decorated full illuminated pages for each of the stories. Tittle’s style is detailed and his color use is sophisticated and the illuminated pages include beautiful lettering and decorations. They make excellent Christmas cards.

You can see samples of most of the art below. Just click on a thumbnail to bring up a larger size image. The package includes all of the images in high resolution, suitable for making Christmas cards or other projects. To get the full package for just $15, you can just ORDER ONLINE.

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