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Under Construction Sale

underconstructionFor the next few days – maybe as much as a week – our site will be undergoing a fairly radical transformation as we implement an entirely new theme with new features and a radically different look.

This may inconvenience you with the occasional downtime or bizarre disappearance or radical reconfiguration of certain sections of the site.  A lot of work is necessary in order to update and fine tune certain features.

A lot of work has already taken place behind the scenes, but implementing the new structure requires adding a lot of customized content and that will take time. We think the results will be worth a little wait and a but of inconvenience.

The rewards should be more immediate so it seemed particularly appropriate to offer a discount on our Constructivist Fonts while we’re under construction. To get $10 off the package just use the coupon code RABOTI on checkout.

And if you keep checking the site, pretty soon you’ll find it miraculously transformed.

Mannerheim Font

Parris 1925


Among our recent acquisitions of source material, we discovered some great samples of German letterpress type from the 1930s.  These included a number of interesting fonts in the art deco and constructivist styles.  Very modern looking for the period.

Producing modern digital fonts from letterpress type is challenging.  It’s mostly a process of redrawing the letters from scratch and simple measurements of the original type.  We’ve started doing this for some of the most interesting samples in the collection, and the first of these is the inspiration for our new Mannerheim font.

Mannerheim is an attractive title and poster font, with a full upper case character set, numerals and punctuation.  It has some similarity to our Illuminata font based on 1960s poster lettering.

You can try the DEMO version of Mannerhiem for free. The demo version has a limited version of the character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24.

Pulp Fonts

In the 1930s there was an explosion of popular literature in the form of pulp novels and magazines, featuring lurid covers and scandalous content in a diversity of genres from suspense to mystery to science fiction to westerns. Pulp novel covers had a distinctive style and that included the use of characteristic lettering styles, and we’ve developed a special collection of fonts which capture the key elements of pulp style.

sundownThe fonts include Area of Suspicion which is based on the lettering used on novels by John D. MacDonald, Shayne from the covers of the Mike Shayne detective novels, Big Show a classic western font, Startling Stories from the magazine of the same name, Dahlgren which is a quintessential science fiction style, plus Highball and Ripley and Stonehouse which are excellent for secondary headings and titles.

assigmentThe fonts included in the package are typical of pulp cover design in the 1940s and 1950s and make excellent fonts for retro poster designs, book covers and other uses.

The Pulp Fonts Package is $59 but for a limited time you can ORDER IT ONLINE, and get it for $10 off with the coupon code MACDONALD.

If you like this package you may also like our Modern Poster fonts and Futuristic Fonts packages.

Pullman Font



Pullman is a classic font based on commercial lettering from the 1930s. We originally adapted the font to a digital version in 1999 and it’s been languishing neglected until now. So we’ve dusted it off and made some standard improvements and here it is, ready for the new millenium.

Pullman isn’t in any packages, but it is available as a single font from our ordering site.  You can purchase Pullman online today, and get it for $5 off with the coupon code RAILYARD.

Script Fonts Package

Click any font to see a larger sample.

Of all the different types of font, the one style which seems to be in constant demand is script fonts. Over the years we’ve produced a lot of different styles of script fonts, mostly based on historic calligraphy, but we’ve usually only made them available singly or as part of calligraphic bundles. In 1999 we finally put all our script fonts together into a single package, but we kept releasing more to meet demand, and now we’ve released a new, updated version with many additional fonts.

Our script fonts package has just been expanded with the inclusion of many new script fonts released in the past year. It now includes two dozen different fonts, representing many styles, from the wild, rough swashes of Queensland to the elegance of Corabael and Belphebe. Many of these fonts are from our Master Fonts collection, with an expanded character set and other features. This package is a unique opportunity to get them at a substantial discount. The whole package costs less than the Master Fonts it includes would cost singly, plus you get many additional fonts.

The new Third Edition of the Script Fonts Collection is available on CD or for delivery through email for $79. You can call to purchase the package by phone at 1-512-656-8011, or order it from our online ordering site. Just CLICK HERE

For a just one week time we are offering the package at $20 off the normal price. Just use the coupon code ELEGANT on checkout.

To get an idea of what our script fonts are like, try out the demo version of our latest one, Orphiel. It doesn’t have all of the punctuation and variant characters, but should give you a good idea of what one of our script fonts can look like on your computer.

Orphiel from a sample of Edwardian period hand lettering, mainly because we wanted to offer an alternative to our Belphebe font for invitations, menus and wedding announcements. It’s an elegant font, with nice variations in weight and capital letters which are quite ornate. Orphiel is probably the last new script font we’ll do for a while. The amount of work which goes into properly kerning a script font and making sure that the letters connect and flow properly, is just phenomenal. Orphiel demanded even more attention than most, and our collection of script fonts is now pretty much unrivalled. Click here to download the working trial version of Orphiel for either WINDOWS or MacOS. Or you can purchase this font online and get it quickly by email, including all the alternate and additional characters – BUY IT NOW


Paris 1925 Font

Parris 1925


programContinuing the theme we started a few weeks ago with the Vie Modern font and Grand Concours font., we are continuing to focus on fonts originating at the birth of Art Deco with the Paris Exposition of 1925.

One of the exhibits was of design from the factories and design houses of the Pays Bas, and that exhibit was represented in a catalog which has a great cover with great lettering which was quintessential art deco lettering, shown to the right.

We developed this lettering into the Paris 1925 font, which will be the centerpiece of our forthcoming second Art Deco fonts collection. The font has a full character set plus special initials as the upper case characters, and unique overlapping kerning which creates many custom character pairs. It also includes original, stylistically compatible custom numerals.

You can try the DEMO version of Paris 1925 for free. The demo version has a limited version of the character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24.

Top Hits Font Sale

top10As we did last year, we have compiled figures on font sales through all of our outlets and here are the results for our best selling fonts for the year.  Three fonts from last year made it in – Scurlock, Captain Kidd and last year’s top seller Albemarle.

If you have confidence in the judgment of others, then you should take a look at these fonts.  And if you like them we’re offering a special discount of 40% off on some or all of just these fonts for the next two weeks.  Just use the coupon code TOPHITS on checkout in our ONLINE STORE.

#1: Allegheny

#2: Startling Stories

#3: Captain Kidd

#4: Scurlock

#5: Albemarle

#6: Tantalus

#7: Roughwork

#8: Mannering

#9: Pyle Gothic

#10: Malagua

Platthand Font



Platthand is a font based on examples of lettering drawn from Elizabethan period maps. The upper case letters are embellished with extremely ornate flouishes, very dramatic. Many alternate flourished versions of the characters are also included. The lower case characters are not embellished to maintain a little sanity.

Platthand is included in our Colonial Fonts package and also in our Mapmaker Fonts package. If you like it we also offer Colonial Fonts package which is a similar font based on antique map lettering by John Speed.

You can purchase and download the full version of Marmyadose today, and get it for $5 off with the coupon code TASSIN.

Font Sampler from the Ukraine in 1930

image1I was exploring the listings on eBay recently and stumbled onto a listing for a book of sample type designs from the Ukraine, published in 1930. The images on eBay were not that informative, but I was intrigued, so I ordered it.

It took quite a while for the book to get here from the Ukraine, but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was a treasure trove of the lost legacy of contructivist font design.

During the Bolshevik revolution that overthrew the Tsar and led to the creation of the Soviet Union, there was also a revolution in the Ukraine. For a few years freedom and independence flourished before the Soviet’s cracked down.

The town of Kharkov was the center of a cultural renaissance and a key element of that movement was the art of Constructivism, which was reflected in unique architecture and various practical applications including book publishing. The legacy of this period survives in the city’s architecture, but the artistic renaissance came to an abrupt end in 1935 when most of the artists and intellectuals were killed in a Bolshevik pogrom.

Much of the art of that era was lost, but to my joy and surprise another survivor was the selection of Constructivist font designs found in this collection, just waiting to form the basis of a new font collection for the Scriptorium. As you can see in the video to the left there are some great fonts in the collection, just waiting to be digitized for modern users.

Walter Crane’s Calendar

aprilIn January of 1891 Little Folks Magazine published a special feature of a calendar designed and illustrated by Walter Crane with accompanying verses by his eldest daughter Beatrice. Each of the 12 panels has a figurative depiction of the month, a decorated initial and a topical verse. In style they are rather reminiscent of other Crane Works of the same period like The Three Sirens (forthcoming) and The Shepherds Calendar.

We have collected all of the pages of the calendar and have them available in high resolution format for download as a mini-package.  You can see low resolution previews here and can purchase the package for just $10 and download it right away at our ONLINE ORDERING site.

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