The Font Club is a special font subscription service from The Scriptorium. By joining the club you can get the complete versions of each of our featured new font releases as they are released, including both the True Type and Postscript Versions for either Windows or MacOS.

Since we release two new featured fonts each month, this means that a year's membership will get you 24 fonts at a price less than a third of their normal individual cost. In addition, when you sign up you will receive a special bonus font exclusively available to Font Club members. Plus, if you sign up for two years you'll get another bonus font halfway through your membership. With a one year membership that's 25 fonts for less than $3 each. With a two year membership that's 50 fonts for less than $2 each. It's a very hard deal to beat.

Our monthly font releases include a wide variety of interesting fonts, including unique decorative titling fonts, hand-lettered fonts and elegant text fonts. If you join the font club now you'll start out with two fonts. Your bonus font will be our new Galloys font, and your first membership font will be Caswallon. Soon thereafter you'll also get our next new font. After that, every two weeks you will be surprised by a new font before we even release the demo version on our website. You'll get lots of great fonts, plus there's an intriguing element of mystery as you anticipate what strange font ideas we'll come up with next.

Through the end of August Memberships are $79 for one year and $129 for two. To sign up, just go to: JOIN Or call us at 1-800-797-8973

Fonts on this page (left to right order): Dromon, Stonecross, Structura, Zothique, Gaiseric, Caswallon, Galloys. To order them just search by name at FONT SEARCH