Alex Jones is Still a Jackass

By Dave

I started out to write an article about an ominous attack on Second Amendment rights which took place here in Austin recently, but on viewing videos of the subsequent protest at city hall as part of my research I got sidetracked with more overwhelming evidence that Alex Jones is a narcissistic douchebag and really no friend of liberty, facts which I have observed before but which just become clearer with each new incident.

Earnest and passionate local advocates for individual liberty led by John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government organized a peaceful protest rally on Monday afternoon in opposition to the Austin Police Department’s involvement with the BATF in attempts to illegally shut down private gun sales at gun shows in Austin. They had a good turnout and a schedule of speakers including Darwin Bedecker, who was the most recent target of this persecution campaign, and notable local liberty advocates like Jerri Lynn Ward and Catherine Bleish. It was organized on short notice, but it was a well-planned and effective rally presenting a legitimate grievance to the city government with a permit and everything.

Then, in the middle of it all, Alex Jones shows up with a bullhorn and what can only be described as a gang of thugs, and proceeds to disrupt the entire rally, shouting over the speakers, shutting down the program, and ultimately driving off most of the participants with his obnoxious antics. Not only that, but Jones was rude to everyone, including those who tried to invite him to become a program participant, called Catherine Bleish a “cointelpro” agent provocateur and ranted on and on about the NWO and various issues completely unrelated to the purpose of the protest, while surrounded by his personal videographers and thuglike followers.

Apparently Jones is incapable of allowing a protest to go on where he isn’t the center of attention, and in order to get that attention he is willing to undermine the effectiveness of the protest, offend potential sympathizers and generally behave like a penis with legs. It’s not surprising that by the end of the event people were accusing Jones of working for the statists to discredit legitimate protesters, and a lot of people came away from the event cured of any prior attraction to Jones’ particular brand of anti-government paranoia. As I’ve said before, Jones is his own worst enemy and he lost a lot of supporters Monday because of his boorish behavior and an attitude which was widely described as “divisive.”

Jones clearly has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and has all the earmarks of a little Hitler in the making and that type doesn’t like to be left on the sidelines. He has the “rule or ruin” attitude where if he’s not in charge and doesn’t have all eyes focused on him then he will cause chaos and destruction and to hell with everyone else and the important issue which they may have been protesting. For Jones the cause of liberty and the truth are secondary. His goal is self-promotion and probably personal profit as well. Jones can’t just cover a story or add his voice to protesting an issue, because he has to be the story and he has to define the protest or it is of no value to him.

For more video of this event taken by Catherine Bleish see here and here.

2 Responses to “Alex Jones is Still a Jackass”

  1. Agreed on Jones 100%, Dave. When he’s not inserting himself into legitimate protests and giving the protesters a bad image, he’s doing his usual bit of fomenting rebellion and pushing the unstable among his listeners toward starting a shooting war with the government, thus guaranteeing martial law.

  2. Dave, your comments on his royal asshole, Alex Jones are right on. This man is no friend to freedom loving people. At best he is a government source of disinformation at worst he is certifiably insane. Mr. Jones continues to paint anyone who is interested in good government with a broad brush of contempt, in doing so he belittles all of us. Take a hint Alex, move to somewhere else like Antarctica say.


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