Our special Fantasy Fonts & Art collection is a great resource for roleplayers and world builders who want to create visual aids for any kind of fantasy world. The collection includes 30 original fonts and over 100 images by outstanding artists, all on a single CD at a very reasonable price.

The fonts in this collection include a variety of historical calligraphy fonts from the Roman era through the middle ages and into the early modern era. All sorts of different styles of formal and informal hand lettering are represented. The selection is perfect for making decorative visual aids, posters, newsletters, official documents, antique-looking manuscripts and even grimoire pages. The collection also includes a selection of ancient language fonts and a number of fantasy language fonts from the world of Ysgarth. And finally, there are several fantasy art fonts with decorative images of fantasy creatures and characters.

In addition to the fonts the package also includes a large selection of fantasy art by classic artists like Howard Pyle, N. C. Wyeth, Edmund Dulac and Arthur Rackham. Both color and black and white art is included and they cover a wide range of fantasy subjects, from fairytale creatures to legendary heroes to knights, kings, queens, gods, giants, dragons, monsters and all the elements of a fantasy world. All images are high-resolution and suitable for printing.

Our Fantasy Fonts & Art CD is compatible with both MacOS and Windows and is an extraordinary value at $49. You can order the CD from our toll-free number at 1-800-797-8973 or by mail from Ragnarok, POB 140333, Austin, TX 78714. The price includes shipping and handling within the US. Add $3 for shipping overseas.