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image/linkThere are those who still believe that beneath the thin veneer of our too civilized times, mysterious spirits of ancient myth live on in a world which touches, but is not truly of our world. Some call this half-seen place the Land of Faerie.

The faerie realm has touched the imaginations of many, from medieval and early modern balladeers and storytellers, to more recent poets and like Burns and Tennyson to artists like Rackham and Pyle and writers like Perault and Lang who have retold the ancient stories from the borderland of dreams as classic fairy tales.

This site is dedicated to the lore of Faerie, not particularly to the whimsical, popularized sprites of the common imagination, but to the strange and mysterious legends which lie beneath that friendly facade.

Here you will find the visual and literary legacy of our fascination with the otherworld, from ancient stories handed down through the generations, to the efforts of classic artists and designers to bring that mysterious world to light.image/link

Use the buttons to the left to explore. You will find the poetry of Keats, Byron, Tennyson and the anonymous balladeers who inspired them. You will find stories preserved by writers like Andrew Lang, Joseph Jacobs and Howard Pyle. You will find faerie art here in many forms, from the enchanting book illustrations of Rackham, Pyle and others to unique fonts featuring faerie images and otherworldly lettering.

Enjoy these literary selections and try out the samples of our fonts and art. Think about those shapes you may have glimpsed moving dimly between the trees at the break of dawn or in the last moments of twilight. Then ask yourself if something of the faerie realm might yet survive.

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Look for more features to be added to this site very soon, including special shareware samples of some brand new faerie theme fonts.