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Vital Statistics
Name: David Fleming Nalle
Age: 43 (20 years in Travis County)
Wife: Patricia (Age 37)
Daughter: Caroline (Age 10)
High School: St. Albans (Wash. DC)
College: Franklin & Marshall (BA)
Graduate School: University of Texas
Employment: Small business owner

Dave Nalle was born in 1959 in Beirut, Lebanon while his parents were serving in the diplomatic service. His early childhood was spent all over the Middle East in countries like Syria, Iran and Jordan. When he was 6 his family returned for two tours of duty in Washington DC before being sent abroad again. During his early teens they lived in England and ultimately in the Soviet Union.

Dave was educated at American and British schools overseas, eventually completing high school at St. Albans School in Washington DC. From there he went to Franklin and Marshall College where he earned degrees in English and History. At F&M he headed the student chapter of Students for a Libertarian Society and worked as a regional organizer for the Ed Clark presidential campaign in 1980. During and after college Dave had a variety of political staff jobs in Washington, including working for Al Gore at the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future as a newsletter editor, at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and as publications director for Students for a Libertarian Society, where he edited Liberty magazine.

In 1982 Dave moved to Texas to attend graduate school at the University of Texas. After earning his Master's Degree in History, he began to teach at Austin Community College, during which time he completed work on his Ph.D. At the same time, Dave augmented his income writing and doing freelance graphic and publication design. This work and his graduate research on historical calligraphy eventually led to an interest in digital type design, particularly in the area of antique type and fonts based on historical hand lettering.

In 1989 Dave founded The Scriptorium, a small company which produces original type designs and markets graphic design resources. Some of his early typeface designs were remarkably successful as shareware, and with the advent of the world wide web The Scriptorium has become a solidly profitable small business, selling fonts and other digital design resources worldwide to many major advertisers, designers and publishers. If you pick up a book, a video, a CD or a magazine, there's an ever-increasing chance you'll find one of his font designs lurking somewhere on it. Some of his coups include the selection of his fonts for a Disney theme park in Japan and as the official fonts for all the merchandising for the Lord of the Rings movies.

Dave married Patricia Fitch, a native Texan, in 1989 and they have a 10-year-old daughter, Caroline. They have always lived in east Austin, mostly in the French Place neighborhood. Two years ago they moved a bit farther away from town to a 5.25 acre country home on the border between Austin and Manor. Dave spends most of his time working on new font designs, but he continues to teach a few history courses at ACC. He plays tennis and disc golf, and takes an active interest in political and educational issues.