Texas Speaker Race: Sen. Patrick Jumps In, Despicable Behavior Continues

By David Jennings

Just when you thought that the foes of Speaker Joe Straus had gotten about as low as they could go, they decided to up the ante. Rumors abound that Rep. Ken Paxton is calling some representatives and saying that he isn't responsible for the attacks despite the fact that he continues to encourage the behavior. And Sen. Dan Patrick comes out of the closet to say that conservatives deserve a conservative speaker.

They have one, you dunce.

Patrick's denials notwithstanding, the truth is he has been in the background on this since the very beginning. I first wrote about it on 11/5, just after the election. And today, he is meeting with his Insiders Tea Party and chosen ones in Austin, where he will  no doubt continue to say "why, I don't have a preference" in public while twisting arms in private. Shameful.

In clearly the most despicable ploy yet, Paxton and his supporters are using the phony ethics complaints filed against Speaker Straus by the phony "Texas Ethics Advisory Board" and spreading a story through the phony Resolute Media news site "North Texas Navigator News" that asks "What if Straus gets indicted?".

I'm beyond asking if these people have no shame because clearly they don't and clearly they have no morals. They can call themselves "true Christians" all day long but that doesn't make it so.

Despicable behavior.

I have to point out to the representatives that have a vote on this: Do you really want to elect a leader that would condone this type of behavior? Not only condone it but encourage it? Merely so that he can gain power and tell you what to do? Do you remember Craddick's heavy handed reign? You know, when Texas Republicans lost ground?

I don't personally know very many reps. But those that I do know or have met are honorable men and women. I can't in a million years imagine Rep. Bill Callegari voting for someone that would do this. Or Rep. Rob Eissler. Or Rep. Gary Elkins. Or Rep. Ken Legler. Or Rep. Sarah Davis. Or Rep. Jim Murphy.

And certainly not my own representative,  Rep. John Davis. You know how I know that the ratings of these groups are idiotic? Because they show that John Davis is not a conservative.

Utterly, completely ridiculous. And anyone that has ever met John Davis or studied his record knows just how utterly, completely ridiculous that is.

Shame on Sen. Patrick for sticking his 20 gallon Stetson head in this. Shame on Rep. Paxton for running such a despicable campaign. Shame on Tea Parties that condone this behavior. All of you have put a black mark on Texas politics.

True Christians my arse. 

One Response to “Texas Speaker Race: Sen. Patrick Jumps In, Despicable Behavior Continues”

  1. Question why is it an attack to say you don’t won’t Joe Straus as Speaker?
    Why is is an attack to say you want Ken Paxton as Speaker?

    Honestly the Straus camp and those State Reps. supporting him are using the liberal Democrats play-book. I am a victim they are attacking me.
    No it is not about you. We just do not want a man who has a moderate voting record, we want a Speaker whose record show he is actually a conservative.

    It really is that simple.

    We can disagree. That does not mean I am attacking you!!

    If Joe Straus used his campaign funds to buy votes that is a crime. That is not an attack on him.
    Again it really is that simple/


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