Geert Wilders proclaims Jasper Schuringa a Hero deserving of Royal Dutch Honor

By Eric Dondero

Dutch libertarian Member of Parliament Geert Wilders called Jasper Schuringa a National Hero for saving a Delta flight from Amsterdam, from a Muslim Terrorist attack.

From Deep Faith news, Amsterdam, 3 hours ago:

Shortly before landing passengers smelled smoke, they saw a glow and they heard something that sounded like firecrackers went off. "First there was a sort of bang and then there was smoke," said Dutchman Peter Smith.

Schuringa told CNN that he heard a bang. "Somebody started yelling fire, fire!" Then he saw smoke and he noted that the Nigerian did not move. Then he began to suspect that something was not right. He jumped over the passenger next to him and hurried to the Nigerian.

They appeared to have his pants open and a burning object between his legs to keep. "I took that thing off him, tried to extinguish fire with my hands and threw it away." Schuringa the Nigerian pulled from his place, and dragged him to the front of the plane. The Nigerian seemed stunned. "He stared into nothing."

According to the American media Jasper Schuringa, is now called a hero...

PVV leader Geert Wilders called Jasper Schuringa Saturday in a comment a hero. "He deserves a royal honor." Wilders says it will ask the Dutch government to award such grant.
Wilders is the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party. The PVV is pro-free market, and pro-civil liberties, yet stridently opposed to Islamization of Europe. Wilders is currently well ahead in polling to be next President of the Netherlands.

Partij voor de Vrijheid PVV (Party for Freedom)

2 Responses to “Geert Wilders proclaims Jasper Schuringa a Hero deserving of Royal Dutch Honor”

  1. From Holland

    To the people who wrote this article. My counrty the Netherlands is a Monarchy. We have a Queen so we are a kingdom. There for its imposible for Mr. Wilders to become “next President of the Netherlands”. Simply because we dont have the function of President in our country. You probebly meant that he could be the next “Prime-Minister”. And in Theory he could. The only problem is that even if he gets the amount of votes according to the polls right now. He will get around 30 of the 150 seat in parlement. As you can see this is NOT a majority. So he will have to form a coalition with other party’s. There are only 2 serious party’s willing to ‘work’ with him. And even they will never acept him as Prime-Minister. As you can see, Wilders will never be Prime-Minister of my country unless he gets half of the vote’s. And in our nation history, it never occured that a party got half of the votes.

    Thank God because this man is evil!
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  2. Damian Baselmans

    There is no “President of the Netherlands” nor will there ever be one. The head of state is Queen Beatrix and coordination of politics is done by the Prime Minister. Get your facts right!



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