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In addition to all the gruesome fonts, the CD version of our Horror collection features a variety of horrific art by great artists like Willy Pogany, Edmund Dulac and Harry Clarke. These images were originally released together with the fonts in a series of separate smaller packages, but we can now offer them in a combined package on CD at an even better price.

The very newest additions to the package (samples above) are a collection of graphics based on Harry Clarke and Willy Pogany's illustrations for Gothe's Faust. These include dramatic full-color Pogany illustrations, bizarre black and white illustrations and marginalia by Harry Clarke plus a selection of gruesome Clarke borders and a set of selected decorative initials based on Pogany's designs. It's a feast of the diabolic and macabre.

Our next most recent additions to the package focus on the stories of Edgar Allen Poe, and all of the images are in full color. These include Harry Clarke's color plates for Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination with illustrations from stories like The Black Cat and Fall of the House of Usher and Edmund Dulac's illustrations for Poe's poetry in the collection The Bells, including illustrations for The Haunted Palace, The Raven, Helen and Lenore, some of Poe's most evocative work.

Also included on the CD is a selection of bizarre and supernatural images in black and white by classic artists like Gustav Dore, Aubrey Beardsley and Harry Clarke. Clarke is the featured artist for this selection, and our shareware art sample is a set of his marginal decorations for Poe's Tales of Mysery and Imagination. These illustrations are particularly good for flyers, posters or invitations

Finally, the package also includes a selection of original web graphics with a halloween theme, including buttons and background patterns.

All of the fonts and images on this site are available for purchase. Fonts can be ordered individually or as part of a discounted package. The images are only available as part of our combined Horror Fonts & Art CD. To order CLICK HERE, or just call us at 1-800-797-8973.

As a free sample, you can download and try out our selection of ghoulish marginalia by Harry Clarke. Just click here: MARGINALIA. These images are in a Zip archive. Macintosh users can extract them using Stuffit Expander or ZipIt.


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