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10 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Liz Perry says:

    Come on ppl Ron does not have a chance against the O …. Cain, however can & will take him down!

    • Mitch says:

      Cain’s prior chairmanship of the Kansas City Federal Reserve is too much of a liability to most voters. That is an institution which a majority of the grassroots wants audited and even abolished, so hardly could a man who was chairman of a branch of the system even be considered viable.

      Paul on the other hand has consistently been on the right side of populist issues, like auditing the Fed. And he hasn’t been on the right side for political or populist reasons – he has been on the right side based on principle and sound economic understanding. He has been talking about the same issues for over three decades, consistently, and it just so happened that due to economic conditions in the country which were inevitable given our system, the people’s attitudes and opinions in the grassroots are not very much aligned with Paul, not Cain.

      You should check out both of the national, mainstream polls, one by CNN, within the past year (one as recently as May), that clearly show Paul, by far, has the best shot at beating Obama. This is because Paul, unlike any of the other republican candidates, does incredibly well with independents due to his Constitutional, Christian and historically republican stance on only fighting wars of DEFENSE, not aggression.

    • Elections are theater says:

      Like it matters.

      • Charlie says:

        But Liz, Cain is the same stooge for the ruling class as Obama. Paul is the only candidate that is actually for “the people.” A vote for anyone but Paul is a vote for status quo.

      • Charlie says:

        Correct, voting for ANYONE except Paul does not matter.

    • Brian Underwood says:

      Two points:

      First, Cain polls lower both amongst Republicans than Ron Paul and in national polls when matched up against Barack Obama than Ron Paul. So to suggest that Cain can win while Ron Paul cannot is subjective favoritism, not an objective look at the facts. You don’t -want- Congressman Paul to win and you -want- Herman Cain to win, but your wants do not direct reality. Instead, reality should direct your wants.

      Secondly, Herman Cain has several problems with his political ideology which makes it incoherent with principles of liberty, as explained here: http://themendenhall.com/2011/08/11/candidate-analysis-herman-cain/

  2. setiri says:

    Liz, I agree, assuming of course your got the names reversed ;)

  3. Mike says:

    Why does your email address bounce, and the phone number provided get some guy named Dave?

    • admin says:

      The techs at our ISP are working on the email problem. It went out sometime earlier today. And some guy named Dave would be our CEO.

  4. RP2012 says:

    Ron Paul is the only real candidate to consider. The rest of them on both sides are more of the same. I am so happy the American people are waking up to this fact. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

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