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Oct 16 2011

Demographic Trends in the Republican Party

category: Issue Polls,Poll Analysis author:

One of the standard control questions which we ask with most of our polls is the age of the respondent.  Taking the answers to this question from a series of polls conducted nationwide involving over 8000 participants during the past 6 months has given us a pretty good profile of the age of the Republican [...]

Oct 14 2011

Poll of New Hampshire Republican Primary Voters (9/12-9/18)

This poll was conducted through automated phonecalls and direct email solicitations of 6164 Republican voters in the state of New Hampshire of whom 421 responded to the poll. 58% of the responses came from email contacts and 42% from telephone responses. Poll Date: 9/12-9./18, 2011 Poll Method: Direct Email and Automated Calls Poll Sample: 421 [...]

Apr 27 2011

Should Gambling be Legalized in Texas?

category: Issue Polls,Texas Polls author:

There is a major struggle over whether some form of gambling should be legalized in Texas during this legislative session.  We decided to ask a simple  question to get a feel for how Texas voters are thinking about the issue Poll Date: 4/18-4./21, 2011 Poll Method: Direct Email (53%), Automated phone calls (47%) Poll Sample: [...]