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Oct 19 2011

Support for Herman Cain Surges with Texas Republicans

In the aftermath of a successful performance in recent debates, our latest poll shows a surge in support for businessman Herman Cain among Texas Republican voters.  The dramatic change in this poll from our last poll suggests that many voters remain only weakly committed to their current candidate preference. These results are from the final [...]

Oct 14 2011

Poll of New Hampshire Republican Primary Voters (9/12-9/18)

This poll was conducted through automated phonecalls and direct email solicitations of 6164 Republican voters in the state of New Hampshire of whom 421 responded to the poll. 58% of the responses came from email contacts and 42% from telephone responses. Poll Date: 9/12-9./18, 2011 Poll Method: Direct Email and Automated Calls Poll Sample: 421 [...]

Jul 06 2011

Who are the Top GOP Contenders in Texas?

With its expanded number of electoral votes, if the field doesn’t narrow down too much, Texas could play a key roll in determining the Republican nominee for 2012.  While everyone is watching the early states like New Hampshire and Iowa we’re taking a look at a big state which could decide the ultimate outcome. Poll [...]

Jun 16 2011

Who’s Unelectable in the Republican Field?

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Everyone does polls to see who the most popular candidates are. We decided to go the other way and see which candidates had disgraced themselves most effectively with their past actions and associations. Poll Date: 5/12-5/16, 2011 Poll Method: Monitored and automated calls Poll Sample: 2698 voters nationwide Margin of Error: +/- 2% Question: Which [...]