In the late 19th century there was an artistic Renaissance in southern Germany, led by the artists and designers of the Jugendstil movement in the area around Munich. While Jugendstil artists like Arnold Bocklin are often thrown in with the French Art Nouveau artists of the same period, their art was stylistically original and focused on germanic themes and mythology.

The driving force of the Jugendstil movement was the magazine Munchner Jugend which made extensive use of the illustrations and designs of German Art Nouveau artists, including black and white and tinted illustrations, hand lettering and even architectural and furniture design.

The Scriptorium's Jugendstil Collection includes a selection of fonts based on hand lettering from the period, plus an extensive collection of the best art from Munchner Jugend. Fonts featured in the collection include Jugend and Campobello which are based on decorative initials designed for the magazine, plus Munich which is derived from the hand-lettered title of the magazine and Phaeton which is based on title lettering from the period. To order your own Jugendstil collection just call us at 1-800-797-8973 or use our online ordering system at -- ONLINE ORDERING

If you want to try out one of our Jugendstil fonts, give Munich a try. This shareware version is lacking some of the characters, but the full version is in the Jugendstil package.

Download Munich for Windows (PKZip). Download Munich for MacOS (StuffIt).