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The culture of the east entices and allures. From the stony walls of Petra to the fabled spires of ancient Samarkand, the the legend of the great days of Caliphs, Wazirs and brave adventurers outshines the modern era of oil and petty tyrrany. Who would not trade a dozen Saddam Husseins for a single Al Hakim or Saladin? The visual style of Middle Eastern culture has intrigued artists for years and we've gathered some remarkable images to give you access to this great tradition.

Our new Arabian Nights collection focuses on the visual arts of the ancient and legendary Middle East, including historical source material and modern artistic interpretations of the arts and themes of the Arabian Nights. This includes a selection of new fonts which capture the spirit of the east, plus our extensive collection of rug patterns and beautiful art nouveau illustrations of tales from the Arabian Nights by Rene Bull, Louis Rhead, J. D. Batten and Edmund Dulac.

The Arabian Nights collection includes six fonts. Samaritan is based on the poster lettering of Alphons Mucha from his poster for the play La Samaritan. Serendib and Waziri are based on the hand lettering of Rene Bull from his edition of the Arabian Nights. Caliph is derived from Ernst Schneidler's classic Legende font, with variant characters based on his original lettering. Samarkand is an art font which lets you combine characters in different ways to create skylines for an ancient Middle Eastern city.

The package features a wealth of great illustrations, in both color and black and white. Edmund Dulac's haunting fairytale illustrations bring to life the era of the late Ottoman Empire.. Rene Bull's fanciful art nouveau pictures explore the more humorous aspects of the Arabian Nights. Rhead and Batten provide simpler material in black and white suitable for coloring or decorative uses. All images are in high resolution and well suited to use in print, or for scaling down for web use, and our standard license provides reprint rights with very few limitations. There are over 50 illustrations included in the package.

As an added bonus we've also included a large selection of decorative Middle Eastern rug and tapestry designs. These are high-resolution images from great source material. They feature traditional designs and motifs ideal for creating new graphics and decorative images, including legendary rug patterns like the classic Sarouk, Tabriz and Farahan styles.

This special package is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows based computers. For a limited time it is available at an introductory price of only $49 (including shipping within the US), either through our toll-free number at 1-800-797-8973 or our Online Ordering System.

There's no better way to give your designs the romance and mystery of the Middle East.

You can see quick samples of the fonts in the package on this page. As a special, immediate bonus, you can also try out the new Waziri font. Download the demo version from the bottom of this page.

Download Waziri (Windows PKZip). Download Waziri (MacOS StuffIt).


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