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Howard Pyle was one of the great illustrators of the 19th century and the founder of the Brandywine school of art. His color art inspired a generation of artists like N. C. Wyeth and Eleanore Brickdale, but his woodcuts and black and white drawings really show his wit and imagination to best advantage. Sometimes when he was drawing, his thoughts turned to angels, and the results are amazing -- some are beautiful, some are inspiring and some are terrifying.

We have a huge library of Pyle's works, including all of his best illustrated books. In many of these he used illustrations of angels as chapter heads to exemplify moral themes or ideas from the chapters. We have collected Pyle's most interesting angel illustrations and put them together into a single collection of high-resolution images suitable for use in print.

The collection includes delicate Arthurian angels from Pyle's version of Mallory, startling woodcut angels from Otto of the Silver Hand, fanciful angelic figures from The Wonder Clock and other books, as well as a selection of angel marginalia. Some of these angels are benevolent and some are stern or even somewhat frightening, but they are all beautifully executed in Pyle's unique style.

Our collection of Pyle's angels is a special new release. It will soon be available for ordering online, but right now it is only available by mailorder or by phone with a credit card. It can be delivered by mail or as an email file attachment. It includes more than 20 angels in high-resolution JPG format for only $25. The images work equally well with Macintosh or PC based computers.

To order by phone call 1-800-797-8973.

For information on other methods of ordering click on the button above and to the left.

We also have another complete collection of Pyle art and fonts based on Pyle's lettering. To check it out click here: PYLE.