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All fonts sold individually or in packages include the necessary files for both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 installation.

Wild West Fonts
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: wwfonts
Price: $69.00

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The time period we call the 'Wild West' is chronologically part of the Victorian era and overlaps important design periods like the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, but because of the unique conditions of the western frontier, the graphic arts legacy of that culture is peculiar and distinct from other contemporary design movements. The frontier put serious design limitations on printers, publishers and designers who had only limited sets of type available to them and often had to make do with styles of type which were out of date or obscure or home made. It was also an era of relatively crude printing technology from mobile presses, and of hand painted signs and peculiar folk art unique to the culture of the west. The results were designs which were rough and crude and yet powerful in a primitive way. Ultimately this developed into what we can identify today as a 'wild west' or 'cowboy' style of design which continues to be used today to evoke the feeling of that time period. Particularly popular in the old west were type and lettering styles which contemporary designers in the cities of the east and west coasts were calling 'circus' type. These type styles were used in advertising and circus posters elsewhere, but for some reason came to be particularly associated with the west. They are characterized by outlining, gratuitous spurs and bevels and other decorative elements which make them look both gaudy and sort of crude at the same time. When you see a font like Plowright, for example, your first thought is likely to be that it would look right at home on the side of a circus wagon or above the door of a saloon in a western cow town. Our Wild West fonts collection includes a great selection of fonts from this era, some which were typical of printing, poster and sign design plus a few which represent the image of the west which lives on in our modern imagination. These include straightforward newspaper type like Stonehouse, Lachesis and Academy as well as more unusual fonts based on hand lettering or poster printing like Primer, Riudoso, Niederwald and Plowright. Two new additions to the collection are a classicm ornate circus-style font called Purcell and the unique decorative Vaquero font. These two fonts were added for the new third edition of the package. Also new, from the second edition of the collection is the Texas Brands font, which is based on cattle brands from East Texas ranches. It's got a unique look and works surprisingly well as abrstract decoration for many kinds of designs. All of the fonts included in the collection are high quality original fonts based on historical sources. They are provided in both TrueType and PostScript format for MacOS or Windows computers. If you don't want the entire package it's also possible to purchase the fonts individually from our Online Store, but with a total of 16 fonts in the package the price per font is way better if you get the whole set, including the latest additions like Vaquero and Texas Star. The new third edition of our Wild West Fonts package is now available and ready to ship. You can order by phone from 1-800-797-8973, or you can purchase the package online - just - CLICK HERE TO ORDER