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All fonts sold individually or in packages include the necessary files for both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 installation.

Horror Fonts
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: horrorfonts
Price: $89.00

Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds
File Type::
Mac/Windows Archive
For many years one of our most popular collections has been our three package set of Horror Fonts and Art. Although that collection contains a lot of unique art, its real backbone is the extraordinary collection of almost 40 original fonts with horror and supernatural themes, including some which have become very successful like Abaddon (Godsmack logo), Beynkales (Corpse Bride font), Orlock (original Nosferatu poster font) Valdemar (Age of Misrule font), Goodfellow (Nightmare Before Christmas font) and many more. As you can see, our Halloween fonts have been extremely popular in movies and in publishing. Halloween is coming up and that means people are working on their posters and t-shirt designs for Halloween parties, haunted houses and festivals, so it's time for our Horror fonts to shine. It's also a great opportunity to showcase the new Typeshow type preview tool. We've got samples of some of the top fonts in the package here, but using Typeshow you can see custom samples of all the fonts.
Even better, we're now making all of our horror fonts available together as a special package without the art. It includes 41 of our Horror Fonts for just $89. It's a quick download and you'll have all the stylish, spooky and original horror fonts you'll ever need. It includes all 36 fonts in the original font and art packages (Dementia Swash, Dementia, Diabolus, Goetic, Guede, Malachim, Mephisto, Necromantic, Netherworld, Sabanak, Sepultura, Veve, Abaddon, Black Cow, Corpus, Gehenna Extreme, Gehenna, Ghost Gothic, Halloweenies, Ironworks, Mayhem, Paleos, Sanguinary, Veronique, Boneyard, Carmilla, Golgotha, Irzuley, Ligeia, Malagua, Moravia, Samedi, Skull and Bones, Summerisle, Valdemar), plus five bonus fonts only available individually or as part of this special set (Witchery, Posada, Monstrous, Witchhunt and Orlock). All of these are now viewable with Typeshow.