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All fonts sold individually or in packages include the necessary files for both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 installation.

Arthur Rackham's Greek Heroes
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: greekheroes
Price: $8.00

Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds
File Type::
Mac/Windows Zip Archive
We've been doing an awful lot with Walter Crane recently, but sort of neglecting one of his great contemporaries who has been a mainstay of our collection in the past, Arthur Rackham. Rackham was arguably the greatest illustrator of his era and certainly one of the highest paid. He is also certainly the best remembered and most widely imitated today. Popular current artists like Brian Froud and Charles Vess owe him a great deal and acknowledge his role in laying the groundwork for the modern tradition of fantasy and folklore illustration. Our Rackham Fonts and Art Collection is great, but it is still far from complete considering how prolific he was. So we're slowly incorporating more material. One unusual and extremely rare item has just been processed and is now available, a collection of color and black and white illustrations from the 1910 edition of Rackham's illustration of Greek myths titled Greek Heroes. This is a unique and special work because Rackham worked outside of his typical illustration style and the color pieces in particular look very different from what we're used to from Rackham - much more realistic and less stylized. The black and white pieces are more typical of his other work. Themes covered include the labors of Hercules, the tale of Jason and the Argonauts and the story of Perseus. It's also a relatively small set of high quality illustrations - what would be considered a minor work when compared to some of his other massive and elaborate projects like his illustrations for Wagner's Ring Saga. But however minor it is, it's also very rare and the illustrations are almost never seen elsewhere and they are also powerful and visually striking, with an unusual color palette of browns and reds which Rackham used relatively infrequently. The set of 12 high resolution illustrations from Greek Heroes (4 color, 8 black and white) will eventually be added to our Rackham Fonts and Art Collection, but for now it's being made available separately as a mini-collection for just $8 and you can order it and download it directly from our ONLINE STORE.