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All fonts sold individually or in packages include the necessary files for both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 installation.

Holiday Fonts & Art CD - Release 5
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: XFA5
Price: $79.00

Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds
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Windows/MacOS Archive
hatever holiday you celebrate, it's probably a time of cards and presents and decorations and parties -- that means you're going to need great fonts and art to add elegance and unique flare to your seasonal projects. The Scriptorium collection has the resources you need, including free samples and shareware demos, as well as three great holiday font and art packages and a special deal on the new release of our Holiday Collection CD.

e've recently combined our Holiday package into a single CD and added a number of new fonts and images, all for a lower price than we were charging for our older packages. You get lots of holiday fonts and art to fit every taste, at a very reasonable price. In addition, we've got several shareware fonts for you to try out for a free evaluation, plus some great sample art. To try them out, see the bottom of this page.

he newest fonts added to our Holiday Fonts and Art collection include the Scurlock and Asrafel fonts plus the new Holiday Borders dingbat font which is featured as a free demo at the bottom of this page and also the extraordinary Rudolfo font package including Rudolfo Swash. e've also added some new graphic material including some specialized borders, some color decorative initials (featured on this page) and a selection of new art, including pieces by several pre-raphaelite and renaissance period artists. These new images are pretty extraordinary. Other images in the collection include all of Arthur Rackham's illustrations for Dickens' Christmas Carol and Howard Pyle's illustrations from his story Travels of the Soul, plus art by Rackham, Rossetti, Nielsen, Dulac, Mucha, Wyeth and others. Only a small portion of the images are sampled on this page. Several bonus borders by Pyle are also included. Other recent additions to the collection include some seasonal Pre-Raphaelite images by Millais, Leyton and Hunt.

The new release of the collection now includes a total of 21 fonts, plus scores of great images and useful graphics. Fonts include everything from art fonts to decorative initials to elaborate text and titling styles.<

Like all of our font and art CDs, this package can be ordered online from our ORDERING site, or you can order by phone from 1-800-797-8973 (01-512-656-8011).

You'll find a lot of these images and fonts in use on this site. This should give you some idea what you can do with them. In addition, to give you an even better idea of the unique quality of our fonts and graphics, we've got several demo items you can try out, including a demo version of our recently released Holiday Borders font, which is available exclusively on this CD. Just click on the appropriate button below each font sample to sdownload a shareware demo version to try out.

Click on the image above to download Holiday Borders for Windows and Mac OSX. For those of you doing your own Christmas design work, here's a special pallette which you can open in Photoshop or other art programs and access with the sampling tool. It includes a variety of special colors which we think are particularly seasonal. And finally, here's a great Christmas themed page border with holly and candles and other good things. This graphic was found in an old issue of St. Nicholas children's magazine from the early part of this century. Just click on the sample image to the right below to download the large size image.

As a special feature we've put together some ideas on how to design your own holiday cards. Just CLICK HERE for all the details. CELTIC CHRISTMAS? One of the popular trends we've seen rcently s an interest in Celtic art and ornament as a theme for Christmas cards and decoration. We've got a special page devoted to Celtic fonts and art, which has some excellent resources if you want to give your holidays a Celtic look. Click here to visit our Celtic page: CELTIC FONTS & ART.